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Forcible Sex

Is Forcible Sex Ground For Divorce?

Introduction Forcible sex after marriage or ‘marital rape’ mainly refers to sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, who is legally accepted as husband...
Cancellation of Bail

Can Bail Once Granted Be Cancelled By Court? –

Once grant of bail has been ordered by a Court under Section 437 (1) or (2) or Section 439(1) it follows as a natural consequence...
498A IPC

Anticipatory Bail In 498A IPC

The object of the provision of Section 498A IPC is prevention of the dowry menace. But many instances have come to light where the...
Bail in India

Regular Bail in India After Arrest

Section 437 deals with the powers of Magistrate regarding bails in case of non-bailable offence after the accused has been arrested by the police whereas...
False Rape Case

Rising False Rape Cases in India

Menace of false rape cases in India has been rising and this fact is evident from the statistics released by the government. Many of the cases...
sexual Harassment at Workplace

Sexual Harassment At Workplace -It’s Unwanted,Unfair & Unwelcome.

Sexual harassment of any kind at workplace is an offence in India. Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual behaviour, which could be expected to make...
Arrest Warrent

Can Police Arrest Without Warrant in India?

The term warrant is not defined in the Code of Criminal Procedure. As per concise Oxford dictionary, “Warrant is an official authorization enabling the...
Bail In India

Types of bail in India & How to apply for Bail...

The law relating to bail in India is contained in Sections 436 to 450 of chapter XXXIII of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973....
Anticipatory Bail in India

Anticipatory Bail in India

The provision of anticipatory bail in India is set out in Sec. 438 of Criminal Procedure Code. The concept of anticipatory bail is that...
sedition law

What does Sedition Law Says?

Meaning Of Sedition Section 124A of the IPC, which deals with sedition, states, "Whoever, words, either spoken or written, or by signs, or by visible...